Marvel Studios: Could Captain America Have Got Captain Marvel's Powers?


What if Steve Rogers inherited abilities similar to Captain Marvel thanks to the Tesseract in the MCU?

In Captain America: First Avenger This may interest you : The Walking Dead: 5 amazing fun facts about the series that will leave you speechless., Steve Rogers obtained his powers through experimentation of Dr. Stark. Subsequently, he faced the terrible Red Skull, who at the end of the film was sent to Vormir via the power of the Tesseract, while Captain America inherited many years hibernating in ice. However, things could have been different after the feature film ended, with a theory that Steve Rogers would gain the same powers as Captain Marvel through his exposure to the Tesseract. A situation that would then have had serious consequences for the MCU, starting with the fact that these unprecedented powers would have allowed Steve Rogers not to be stuck in ice for many years.

Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers in Captain America: First Avenger. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Subsequently, Captain Marvel's cosmic abilities would have allowed him to compete with his teammates such as Thor or Hulk but also to have a significant impact on the international events following his initial disappearance from the MCU . The superhero embodied by Chris Evans

could have created SHIELD, this limiting its infiltration by HYDRA or even entrusting Peggy with the responsibility of the organization. However, the power of Steve Rogers could also have its own limits and favor an MCU even more dangerous than what was portrayed in the previous Phases. Indeed, given the cosmic powers that the Avenger would have, it wouldn't have been surprising that many villains attempt to compete with Captain America's abilities by creating fearsome beings and weapons out of the Tesseract. A scenario that would be interesting to discover in the next Phases of the MCU thanks to the Multiverse, to the Disney series What If …? or even thanks to

Loki, the God of Mischief who can travel in the early MCU movies and change the course of events .

Captain America et Captain Marvel. Captain America et Captain Marvel.

Captain America and Captain Marvel. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Moreover, the Avengers alliance would have been different and the appearance of superheroes on Earth earlier. Indeed, 4267486 Captain America could have founded the Secret Avengers earlier, a team of super -particularly popular hero

, the powers of their leader favoring moreover his perception of the universe and the impact that would have by sequel, Thanos . Against this background and thanks to the resources of his team, it would not have been surprising that Steve Rogers sensed the threat of the Mad Titan approaching and made it his mission, like Carol Danvers, to protect the galaxy at all costs. Thanks to his cosmic powers, Steve Rogers would most certainly have been able to challenge Thanos, a scene from ' Infinity War having also teased the power of the Avenger against the Mad Titan. That being said, Steve Rogers' acquisition of the powers of Captain Marvel would have meant a lot of changes within the MCU. However, fans are reassured, Captain Marvel, would still have had all the latitude to appear in the universe, although his origin story could have be changed. For his part, there is no doubt that Steve Rogers would have most certainly retained his sense of sacrifice as well as many qualities, which today make him one of the most popular Avengers in the Marvel universe, and that some either the chosen scenario!

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