Marvel Studios: could Norman Osborn take control of Stark Industries?


What if Norman Osborn replaced Pepper and Tony at the head of Stark Industries? We are looking into this possibility.

The death of Iron Man in Avengers Endgame undoubtedly had important consequences on the universe . Has it made the Earth more vulnerable than ever? Or on the contrary will the situation improve thanks to its disappearance? The answer will likely be given to us during Phase 4 of the MCU. Spider-Man Far From Home has already brought us the first pieces of the puzzle, since we were able to understand the impact of Tony Stark's death on Peter Parker, but also realize that evil people like Mysterio could take the opportunity to cause panic. What we do not know yet, is what awaits the company of the hero, Stark Industries.

Norman Osborn in Spider-Man – Credit (s): Sony Pictures On the same subject : The Punisher: Despite its cancellation, a season 3 could well see the light of day according to Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle).

Pepper seemed to be holding the reins of the firm while Tony focused on the Avengers' business, while remaining the face of Stark Industries. Now that he is deceased, it is likely that his wife will decide to take a break, especially since she has a baby girl to raise and console. The business woman could thus entrust Stark Industries to someone else for a while: Norman Osborn. For now, the famous character from the Spider-Man universe is absent from the MCU, but this passing of the torch could serve to introduce him. Norman could thus be a long-time and trusted friend or partner, or simply meet the necessary criteria for the position.

Norman Osborn in the comics – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

In the comics as well as in the cinema, Norman Osborn owns the Oscorp industries, specialized in science and new technologies. In other words, areas similar to those of Stark Industries. By taking the helm of Iron Man's company, he would thus have all the equipment and means necessary to conduct experiments as he pleases, without worrying too much about their ethical aspect. The fact that Norman Osborn runs Stark Industries, or attempts to do so, would also easily link him to Spider-Man. Peter Parker still being linked to Tony and Pepper thanks to Happy and the technologies bequeathed by his mentor, he would meet Norman well at one time or another.

Regardless, would Pepper really leave someone another take the head of Stark Industries after the sacrifice of her husband? This scenario seems unlikely, unless Norman Obsorn is introduced as a close friend. Another solution to including the entrepreneur in the MCU would be to make Oscorp the competitor of Stark Industries. He could indeed see in the death of Iron Man an ideal opportunity to push his projects to the front of the stage, and thus make Oscorp the number one in the market. For now, we do not really know what the plans of Marvel Studios regarding the character, but we still hope that he will be integrated into the MCU one day or another. As for the 4285559 Green Goblin, he could already be featured in Spider-Man 3 .

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