Marvel Studios: Disney + unveils Legends, the new series with Wanda Maximoff and Vision


Marvel Studios Legends, the new MCU series will land on Disney in a few weeks!

As the saying goes: when there is no more, there is still! You too thought that Disney had unveiled during Investor Day the entire list of its new series planned for 2020 and 2021? Surprise, this is not the case! Indeed, in addition to all the projects presented last Thursday, the firm with big ears has just announced the imminent arrival of a new series stamped Marvel Studios and which will therefore launch the beginning of phase 4. The latter is called Legends and will land on the platform from January 8 768 next with two episodes , or just a few days before the show's debut Wandavision , scheduled for 15 following January.

Marvel Studios Legends, the new Disney series coming in January 2021 – Credit (s): Disney

Since good news never comes alone, Disney immediately revealed the plot of Legends which will be very different from other current projects. And for good reason, the series will revisit the most emblematic moments of the flagship superheroes of the franchise. Each episode will be exclusively centered around an MCU character and shot as an intense dive into its backstory. Which will allow fans to learn more about him and discover unseen images before the arrival of the series or a dedicated film on the platform. On the program of the first two episodes, we will therefore find Wanda Maximoff and Vision. If we stick to the Disney release schedule, it is very likely that it will then be the turn of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier in March 2022 then the one of Loki and Black Widow in May 2021. Also check out all the Marvel Studios movies planned for 2020 and 2022 .

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