Marvel Studios: fans have voted, here is the franchise's most overrated superhero


MCU fans have agreed. This superhero does not deserve his reputation within the franchise!

Just days after naming the most useless superhero in the Marvel franchise , MCU fans have done it again! Again polled by the site Looper as part of a survey, the aficionados of the Maison des Idées this time voted the most overrated superhero in the cinematographic universe. By overrated, we mean the character whose value is greatly overestimated and who therefore does not deserve his great reputation in the franchise . A difficult dilemma that put several great superheroes in competition with each other

Marvel until the name of the “unfortunate” winner appears. An answer that may not please you!

Captain America – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

And for good reason, with 13, 26% of the votes (which is not huge, we recognize it) it is ultimately Captain America who took first place on the podium . The most patriotic character in comics was therefore named the franchise's least deserving superhero. A finding that is hard to take!

Fortunately for Chris Evans, the actor has already bids farewell to Captain America in Avengers 4 . Even more amazing, in second place is won Iron Man and Hulk with 12, 65% voices. Perfect equality that we also find on the third step with a score of 11, 83% for Black Widow and Doctor Strange. Finally, of all the members of the Avengers, it is Thor who finishes at the bottom of the ranking. Too bad the site Looper didn't think of including a “comment” option so that voters can explain their choice! And you, what would have been yours?

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