Marvel Studios: Fans Have Voted, Here Is The Franchise's Worst Movie In Terms Of Special Effects


The special effects of this MCU movie failed to convince fans of the franchise!

If there’s one thing Maison des Idées aficionados love about film adaptations, it’s the special effects. Impossible to dissociate the biggest blockbusters of the Marvel stable from their incredible visual effects. Technologies such as FX which became very widespread after the takeover of Marvel Studios by Disney . The firm with big ears preferring to shoot most of its sequences on a green background, far from the authentic shootings of the MCUs so dear to actor Robert Downey Jr. A titanic post-production job that can however sometimes leave fans in doubt. This is the case of this opus by Marvel Studios which came at the bottom of the ranking of the most convincing films in terms of special effects.

An excerpt from Captain America Civil War – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

According to a recent survey conducted by the site Looper, Thor Ragnarok with 9, 54% voices. Here again, a very unexpected finding! But it doesn’t stop there, since it’s breathtaking Doctor Strange who lands in the third reverse podium place with 12, 14% votes. To these three films, the fans thus largely preferred the special effects of Avengers Endgame which harvested 20, 2% of the votes and Black Panther with 20, 15%. As for the Guardians of the Galaxy, the film has an average score of 16, 26%. What do you think ? Also find out who is the fan favorite antagonist of superheroes all films combined .