Marvel Studios: Galactus responsible for the disappearance of the Multiverse in the next Phases of the MCU?


Galactus could land in the MCU soon to wipe out the entire Marvel Universe, according to this new theory.

While Kang the Conqueror will be the big bad of Ant-Man 3 , this supervillain from the Quantum Realm would later become the new threat of the MCU. Unless this task falls to Galactus, a character from the Fantastic Four comics, who should land in the next Phases of the universe Marvel . Particularly formidable, this character might want to destroy worlds and team up with an even greater danger, known as Black Winter. Having a similar purpose to Galactus, this cosmic entity could work alongside the supervillain in order to destroy the universe but also their alternate realities soon introduced in Doctor Strange 2 .

Galactus in the Marvel comics. This may interest you : Here Everything Begins: The institute in mourning after the death of Auguste Armand, an explosive Christmas … What will happen next week? (SPOILERS). – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

A alteration of dimensions that could seriously impact the MCU and promote the destruction of the Multiverse. In order to counter such a threat, there is no doubt that the Sorcerer Supreme will ask for the support of the Avengers but also of the X -Men and the Fantastic Four, the character of Benedict Cumberbatch then being able to land in these respective worlds.

However , the theory does not stop there since the characters of the Marvel comics could also land in the cinematographic universe, the combined alliance of all these forces being able to save the Multiverse by creating a single timeline. So, if this represents a unique and unexpected spring for the MCU, it would also bring the whole saga to an epic conclusion. A duel at the top bringing together a multitude of superheroes facing a formidable enemy, capable of overtaking

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