Marvel Studios: Here Is The MCU's Deadliest Superhero And It's Surprising


Find out who is the franchise's deadliest Marvel superhero. The answer will surprise you!

After telling you the name of the most useless superhero in the MarvelL film franchise according to fans , it's time to take a look at the deadliest character! Indeed, our colleagues from Screenrant, in the wake of the site Looper, have decided to elect the member of the Avengers who could handily claim the title of the MCU's greatest criminal. And for good reason, if it is especially the villains who are known to accumulate an impressive number of victims in the films, the heroes are not left out when it comes to defending humanity. And for good reason, when the Avengers come together to fight together against a large-scale threat, the deaths are counted on both sides .

The Avengers in the MCU – Credit (s): Marvel Studios On the same subject : The Flash season 7: Barry and Iris could they have a child?

To achieve a ranking, exit the good old polls that prevent having an objective answer! Screenrant preferred to look directly at the total number of deaths caused by each of the six original members of Nick Fury's team, consisting of Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye. Indeed, being the oldest superheroes of the MCU , they are them who engaged in a greater number of battles and therefore defeated the most enemies. On the other hand, the victims recorded in the comics as well as those considered as collateral damage were not taken into account, just like the robots of Avengers: Age of Ultron . And surprise! At the end of the day, it's Thor, the oldest of the Avengers, who takes the deadliest superhero award .

Captain America, Thor and Tony Stark in the MCU – Credit (s): marvel studios

Moreover, it is for this reason that the character, who has faced entire armies of giants and elves, said: “I am fifteen hundred years old. I have killed twice as many enemies as that “. Words which therefore imply that the God of Thunder would have made a minimum of 3 victims during his long life . In second place, we find then Tony Stark, alias Iron Man, who thanks “to his intellect, his genius and his billions of dollars has become a very prolific killer” as underlined by Screenrant . Then far behind, we find Captain America in third place then Hulk and finally Hawkeye and Black Widow in fourth, fifth and sixth position. 4304244 A ranking that changes dramatically when you discover who is the most overrated superhero from the Marvel franchise .

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