Marvel Studios: How and when did the Avengers get their codenames?


Find out how Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Hawkeye got their codenames within their adventures in the MCU.

within a few years, Marvel Studios created a veritable empire, making Avengers: Endgame the highest grossing film in history. However, that does not mean that an entire universe around The Batman could not dethrone the MCU . If it will take a few years to find out, we have decided to revisit the secret identity of our favorite heroes, the Avengers. Some of the members still hide their true nature behind costumes and code names, while others have come to light very quickly, on purpose or by force of circumstance . Find out how and when Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, and the rest got their nicknames in the MCU !

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Regarding Tony Stark, his fight against Iron Monger (Jeff Bridges) at Stark Industries in Iron Man obviously did not go unnoticed. As he set out to refute rumors to the press regarding his involvement in the battle, Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) read the newspaper aloud, nicknamed Tony Stark as “Iron Man”. This is how he became Iron Man, officially and for life! Bruce Banner found it much harder to come to terms with his nickname, as the Hulk was the second version of himself he hated deep in his soul. As he called him “the other guy”, he first dubbed him “Hulk” in The Avengers . Subsequently, in Thor: Ragnarok , the Professor's alter ego was introduced in Sakaar's Battle of the Champions by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) under the Incredible Hulk name, a nickname that is remembered even though it was considered such for many years.

At subject of Black Widow, it is more difficult to know when the heroine actually inherited this name . We suspect that her solo film will explain more to us why she was nicknamed as such, even if we already know that she was part of the Black Widow Program as a Russian spy. By the way, when she first met Hawkeye in Budapest, she already called herself that, but in terms of timeline, we first heard that moniker in the MCU from Russian Colonel General Georgi Luchkov. As for Thor, he's the only one who doesn't have any other name other than his superhero name, and maybe it's better that way. Steve Rogers was given the nickname Captain America purely to appeal to the patriotic nature of the citizens. If he subsequently stopped serving the government – which used him – he still kept this blase, later becoming a superhero worthy of the title. Finally, as for Clint Barton, it was discovered under the name of the “Falcon” in Thor, but it is the nickname of Hawkeye which remained after that his wife Laura Barton called him that. The Avengers codenames no longer hold any secrets for you, now find out 4270341 what great -heroes are the most powerful in each of the four Avengers movies!

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