Marvel Studios: How can MCU Phase 4 rehabilitate Iron Fist?


If many characters from the comics land in Phase 4 of the MCU, the return of Iron Fist seems more complicated.

If the show Iron Fist on Netflix has done absolutely no service to the character of Danny Rand , that does not mean that the return of the protagonist in the MCU is compromised. Unfortunately, the series was sorely lacking in quality, and that's almost all we take away from Iron Fist. However, in the comics, this character has a lot of potential and it would be a shame not to give him a second chance! Whether in the series or in the comics, he's a protagonist who is interesting when surrounded. Since he is said to be one of Marvel's best-known martial arts masters, we could very well imagine seeing it in the next one Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings !

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If Iron Fist is brought back, however, care must be taken not to reproduce the same errors. For the series, actor Finn Jones had no training in martial arts, so he didn't know the techniques or the inner workings of the discipline. As a bonus, he often didn't have more than fifteen minutes before shooting a fight scene to learn the choreography; enough to expect a mediocre result. With the proper training and a well-crafted plot, Iron Fist could return to the MCU and offer a new facet of his character to fans. And if it is not within

Shang-Chi , Iron Fist can be introduced in any of these expected movies between 768 and 2022!

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