Marvel Studios: How did Iron Man beat the Hulk in Avengers Age of Ultron?


If Iron Man was able to have the advantage over the Hulk, it is not only thanks to the Hulkbuster.

While recently we were wondering what was good could happen to one of the characters from Avengers Age of Ultron , we are now going to focus on a particular sequence of the film. This is the one in which Iron Man tries to stop the Hulk, then completely unleashed. Except that instead of using his usual armor, Tony Stark is piloting an improved version created especially to stand up to Bruce Banner's alter-ego: the Hulkbuster. So much so that Iron Man ends up victorious in this titanic match. However, if he was able to neutralize the Hulk, at least for a while, it wasn't just because of his creation.

Tony Stark and Hulk face off in Avengers Age Ultron – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Above all, the Hulkbuster helped him take the punches of his teammate, so he wouldn't be knocked out too quickly. What really worked against the Hulk was mostly a building collapse. He found himself stunned, and Tony Stark then took the opportunity to strike his winning shots. As underlined Screen Rant through their theory, it is the fact that the Hulk found himself emptied of any emotion, and therefore anger, which disturbed him and thus allowed Iron Man to beat him. Bruce Banner said so in Avengers , his secret is that he's always angry. To tame the Hulk, there is therefore no other solution than to divert his attention, or to appease him. As Guardians of the Galaxy , Avengers Infinity War and Endgame , Avengers Age of Ultron is part movies in which Thanos looks different .

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