Marvel Studios: Is Spider-Man Stronger Than Iron Man?


Would the Spider-Man be stronger than his mentor? We are looking into the matter.

If we are all to believe rumors about the movie, Peter Parker will be very caught up in Spider-Man 3 and might have to take on more than one experienced super-villain. Fortunately, the young webweaver has also gained experience, in particular thanks to a not so express trip to space, and a fight against a certain Thanos. He even regained his confidence at the end of Spider-Man Far From Home, ready to stand on its own two feet. And that's good ! Especially since we tend to agree with a theory shared by the site CBR and that Spider- Man would be more powerful than Iron Man.

Moving reunion between Spider-Man and Iron Man in Avengers Endgame – Credit (s): Marvel Studios Read also : Netflix: Ryan Reynolds shares first image of The Adam Project.

After all, if Iron Man Has Asked Spider-Man To Join His Team In Captain America: Civil War , it was first because he thought the teenager was powerful enough to stand up to the other heroes , yet much more experienced than him. He was right, as the Spider-Man was able to stop Captain America, as well as overpower both the Falcon and Bucky for a while. That is three people who gave Iron Man a hard time. Added to this is the fact that Peter Parker is not a human like any other, since he has superhuman physical abilities among his powers. We imagine that Tony Stark knew full well that his young protege was stronger than him, and that maybe it is one of the reasons that led him to be sometimes so hard with


Credits: CBR, Marvel Studios

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