Marvel Studios: Majority of MCU superheroes are destined to die, we tell you why


Joe Russo reveals why the majority of the MCU's superheroes are destined to die!

The majority of super – heroes of the MCU are destined to die, and we'll tell you why! In Avengers Endgame , fans expected to see one or more of their favorite characters sacrifice themselves against the Mad Titan. And it didn't fail to happen, as Black Widow and Iron Man both gave up their lives to save the world. A courageous gesture, hailed by the spectators, even if the tragic fate of these Marvel vigilantes also aroused the anger of the followers of Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark! However, one of the two directors of the last episode of the Infinity Saga, Joe Russo, recently revealed to the public that this is the lot of all superheroes … Which ends the debate according to which

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) could return to the MCU soon !

Black Widow – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

I think, in a way, Tony Stark was always meant to die. And … here's what's interesting about our culture. A lot of people get mad about it when I say something like that. But when you are a hero, your job is to die. Your job as a hero is to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. And that's what we're trying to teach people in the movie, is that you're either in it for yourself or in it for the community. And Tony was there for the community “explained Joe Russo during the passage of We Love You 2021 Tour in Chicago. A tragic event which is also

the reason Scarlett Johansson didn't want Black Widow to take place after Iron Man 2 . As for Captain America, he has the right to a peaceful retirement, for the simple reason that he dedicated ALL his life to the common good. That's how it is!

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