Marvel Studios: Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) happy with his time in the MCU?


During an interview, Robert Downey Jr looked back on his time in the MCU and the satisfaction he got from it.

While many fans still hope the opposite, the character portrayed by Robert Downey Jr has indeed left the universe of Marvel Studios ). An ending clap came nearly ten years after Tony Stark's first steps in the MCU thanks to Iron Man . If the absence of the actor will undoubtedly be felt in the blockbusters to come, he is nonetheless satisfied with his journey within the titanic franchise. “Played Tony and Iron Man was hard and I searched that deep inside me. lived an incredible adventure of ten years which was creatively satisfying. “

he confided during of an interview with the See the article : The Walking Dead season 10: this crucial detail about Carol that we all missed. Hindustan Times .

Le sacrifice de Tony Stark dans Avengers Endgame

Tony Stark's sacrifice in Avengers Endgame – Credit (s): marvel studios, disney

He continues, “I I've done everything I could do with this character and I can do other things now, when you're mature you take a step back and realize that this is part of the journey and that things have an end. “ Robert Downey Jr has definitely said goodbye to the role that has brought so much to his career. As we said a little above, that does not prevent fans of the MCU from keeping a little hope of seeing him again one day. A rumor attested in particular to the presence

of Iron Man in a scene from Black Widow , but it looks like he's ultimately missing from the movie .

Credits: Hindustan Times

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