Marvel Studios: Thanos and Iron Man have more in common than you think


Thanos and Iron Man's story arc is much more similar than you might think. In reality, the two central figures of the MCU look very similar!

If the death of Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame necessarily surprised the fans , this is because he represented the central figure of the MCU . Conversely, if we suspected that his most formidable enemy, Thanos, was going to die one day or another, it is always surprising to see one of the greatest superheroes reach the skies. If the villain and the leader of the Avengers eventually met the same tragic fate, their story is similar on many many points.

The Mad Titan and Tony Stark were both fighting for the survival of Humanity only they did not have the same action plan at all. On the same subject : Star Wars: We finally know if Han Solo was the first to shoot in the Cantina d & amp; apos; A New Hope. Initially, they commissioned their troops to carry out the bulk of the mission, but they both took matters into their own hands when the plan didn't go the way they hoped.

Thanos and Iron Man – Credit (s): marvel studios

Thanos and Iron Man were obsessed with the future and the legacy they would leave behind

; that's why they both decided to do most of the work personally. If their ideals were opposed, the Mad Titan and Tony Stark were originally fighting for the same thing: the survival of Humanity. Now, they are both victims of their beliefs and are part of

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