Marvel Studios: That Spider-Man Detail Unveiled In Captain America Civil War That You May Have Missed


Spider-Man was already far more formidable than you think in Captain America: Civil War.

Yes Iron Man recruited Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War , it's not for nothing . The leader of the

Avengers wanted a new recruit whose moral sense was matched only by the strength of his powers. The Spider-Man may be just a teenager, he has indeed already proved how formidable he can be, and even against experienced heroes like Captain America. This third opus was also an opportunity for Marvel Studios to subtly refer to one of the super Key powers of the web weaver: his spider-sense. Or as Aunt May called him in Spider-Man Far From Home , the small antenna.

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Spider-Man is indeed capable of detecting imminent danger. A very practical ability when fighting with an enemy or, in this case, when facing part of the Avengers. An user Reddit has noticed that he uses it twice during the battle of the 'airport in Captain America: Civil War . The first time is when Ant- Man is found in miniature on Steve Rogers' shield. The young hero senses that something is wrong even before Scott Lang returns to his normal size. The second time takes place during his face to face meeting with the Falcon and Bucky Barnes. His spider-sense allows him to avoid the projectile thrown at him by the latter. This superpower will not be too much,

especially if he faces Dr Octopus in Spider-Man 3 .

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