Marvel Studios: The actors' contract revised down if the films do not come out in theaters?


Marvel Studios are reportedly reviewing their actors' contracts, depending on whether the projects they feature in will be released in theaters or streaming.

If the release of many MCU movies has been shifted to 2020 – 2022 because of coronavirus epidemic , the actors could seriously suffer from this situation. Indeed, according to the latest report from The Wrap , the leaders of Marvel Studios are said to be downgrading the contract of their stars. Specifically, “actors, writers, directors and producers will receive compensation adjusted according to whether the film is released in first in theaters or if it will debut directly on the Disney streaming service “. The priority of the studios would obviously be to broadcast their project in theaters, the box office entries bringing them more money than a streaming output.

Black Panther – Credit (s): Marvel, Disney

If this information should be taken with a grain of salt until it is confirmed by the members of the studios, this modification of contracts would only concern actors who have not yet started production . Digital Spy speaks in particular of the cast of Black Panther 2 , whose shooting start date has just been revealed . It's a blow to the performers of our favorite superheroes, the contracts

Marvel initially aiming to offer them bonuses based on box office revenue. The theatrical release would therefore benefit both actors and spectators, fingers crossed so that our favorite films can be shown on the big screen!

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