Marvel Studios: The creation of the Hulk linked to the HYDRA according to a surprising theory


This theory of the presence of an undercover HYDRA agent calls into question many MCU events, including the creation of the Hulk.

Thaddeus Ross is part of characters from Phase 1 of the MCU that the 'we will find in phase 4 , since it will be him also playing on Black Widow . In Captain America: Civil War , he was determined to prosecute the Avengers refusing to comply with the Sokovia Accords. Natasha Romanoff having sided with Steve Rogers, it is assumed that he will seek to stop him for this reason. Unless he's chasing him because he's actually an undercover HYDRA agent. This is what a theory shared on the social networks Reddit supposes, and which takes the events of MCU that this double agent may have influenced, including the transformation of Bruce Banner as Hulk.

Thaddeus Ross in Captain America: Civil War – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

According to this theory, Thaddeus Ross was instructed by HYDRA to supervising the experiments of Bruce Banner. This may interest you : The Walking Dead season 10: will Judith intervene in favor of Negan with Maggie? In

Avengers , the scientist indeed tells us that he had tried to reproduce the serum of the Super Soldier, responsible for the transformation of Steve Rogers into Captain America. Perhaps disappointed with the results obtained with the Winter Soldiers, the HYDRA agents would have wanted to try once again to reproduce the famous serum. Infiltrated into the government, they would have convinced Bruce Banner to stick to it. Which would mean that the criminal organization indirectly caused his transformation into the Hulk. The theory goes even further and speculates that the Sokovia Accords was a way for HYDRA to control the Avengers. Whether or not he is a member of the group, doubts about

Thunderbolt persist and the latter is even suspected of having asked Taskmaster to capture Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow .

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