Marvel Studios: The future of every Avengers already all mapped out by the MCU?


If Avengers Endgame forced us to say goodbye to several superheroes, from the start, the MCU had already teased their fate!

Now that Marvel Studios have replaced their iconic heroes with new recruits, they will face a daunting challenge for Phase 4 of the MCU . Indeed, Avengers: Endgame forced us to say goodbye to Black Widow, Iron Man, but also to Captain America, although he did not dead compared to the other two. If some fans still find it difficult to imagine the MCU without them, their fate was already all mapped out since the start of their adventure as a superhero . As Marvel boss Kevin Feige explains, every Avengers was willing to risk their lives to save the world, and that's exactly what Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff proved.

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“I think, in a way, Tony Stark always has been doomed to die. And that's what's interesting in our universe. A lot of people get mad when I say something like that. But when you're a hero, your job is to die for a cause, for the Humanity. It's your job as a hero: you sacrifice yourself for the greater good. And that's what we try to teach people in the movie, is that either you were born to live alone and selfishly either you are there for the community. And Tony was there for the community! “, he explains. Of course, Captain America is the exception because he didn't die in Engdame . However, he has repeatedly proven to be ready to sacrifice himself to save the world , so we're not going to complain that at least one of the Avengers gets a happy ending! Thor will also continue his adventure in Love and Thunder , while Hawkeye will star in his own series, just like the Hulk who will appear alongside. of her cousin in She-Hulk . While waiting for the release of these different projects, discover how 4308921 this theory solves the biggest inconsistency of the final battle from Avengers Endgame .

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