Marvel Studios: These Clues Prove The X-Men Will Be Introduced Through Other MCU Adaptations


Several clues suggest that the X-Men will not be entitled to their own solo adaptation in the MCU.

Announced at Comic Con in San Diego, the X-Men will soon be entering the MCU. However, many fans wonder how the studios of Kevin Feige plan to introduce the Professor X mutants. Their debut will be will they be the subject of a solo adaptation or will they be introduced more in the next Marvel adaptations alongside the superheroes already present? A question remained unanswered since the announcements of the Comic Con but also during Investor Day. Indeed, if several fans expected to obtain new information about the future of the X-Men in the MCU, the House of Ideas was only satisfied with formalize the film on The Fantastic Four, soon to be directed by Jon Watts .

Professor X and Magneto. To see also : The Mandalorian season 2: episode 7, Din Djarin shows his true face in the Stormtroopers, our verdict. – Credit (s): Fox

A first clue which therefore lets us think that the X-Men will not have the right to a solo adaptation, the studios certainly wishing to use of the next Phases of the MCU to evoke their presence. On this point, moreover, a new rumor relayed by Bounding into Comics would like WandaVision , Spider-Man 3 but also Doctor Strange 2 allow the mutants to be introduced little by little. If others speculation would like the Disney series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or The Eternals also serve as the entry point for the X-Men in the MCU , it is clear that these numerous rumors represent a new clue as to the lack of solo adaptation for the mutants .

The Fantastic Four (2003). – Credit (s): Marvel

It is true that such a project would be difficult to set up, the latter then having to focus on explaining the absence of mutants in a convincing way in the previous Phases of the MCU. By directly introducing the X-Men into other adaptations, Marvel Studios would therefore avoid committing inconsistencies and nonsense. Finally, the X-Men universe once owned by Fox has often and for a long time been the subject of adaptations. Whether from the years 768 with the first shutter or lately with Dark Phoenix , the franchise has endeavored to portray mutants in a variety of ways and on numerous occasions.

X-Men 2 (2003). – Credit (s): 15 th Century Fox

A notorious difference with The Fantastic Four which “only” had the right to three adaptations between 2005 and 2015. If each of them has not collected the expected success, the choice to offer a film to the team of Reed Richards rather than that of Professor Xavier could be explained as follows. That being said, we will still have to wait for new announcements from Disney and Marvel Studios to know more precisely what production has in store for the X-Men. Maybe the House of Ideas could surprise us with a totally original project on mutants, unless WandaVision , expected on January 2021 on Disney , does not already give us some answers …

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