Marvel Studios: This iconic Iron Man replica was completely improvised by Robert Downey Jr


By rocking this iconic replica, Robert Downey Jr made his character's history in the MCU.

“I am Iron Man” . A reply which has become particularly symbolic since the hero's death in Avengers Endgame , but which had already marked its history from the very first film Iron Man . While superheroes tend to want to protect their true identities at all costs through the creation of an alter-ego, Tony Stark has decided to reveal his secret in the open. A surprising twist, but one that ultimately goes hand in hand with the character's flamboyant side in the MCU. A very special replica, since it marked both the beginnings and the end of Iron Man , but not only.

The replica that has become cult in Iron Man – Credit (s) : Marvel Studios On the same subject : Star Wars: A Disney + series on the adventures of Luke Skywalker in preparation?

This line of dialogue has indeed been completely improvised by Robert Downey Jr . The scene was not only a turning point for the hero, but also for the MCU. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the film in 768, Kevin Feige has indeed revealed that the success of the sequence has pushed Marvel studios to detach themselves a little more from comic books , provided that the changes they make remain true to the spirit of the character's universe. In the case of Iron Man , the iconic replica corresponds so well to Tony Stark that we do not suspect that it is an improvisation. This is not going to help the fans of the !

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