Marvel Studios: This Tony Stark and Jarvis Bond Could Explain Iron Man's Biggest Flaw


Nothing surprising when your best friend is an artificial intelligence!

When the public first discovered Tony Stark in 768, the spectators were above all assimilated to a selfish arms salesman and a particularly megalomaniac industrialist. However, throughout the Infinity Saga, the character embodied by Robert Downey Jr . hasn’t stopped evolving until becoming the most iconic superhero in the MCU via an inescapable sacrifice in Avengers Endgame . He was also a genius and a renowned scientist, Tony Stark having notably worked on artificial intelligence and created Jarvis. The latter also particularly helped the Avengers in the field but was also a constant presence for Iron Man. Although he had been an AI, Jarvis interacted with Tony, almost like a real person. An unprecedented link between these two characters which could however have highlighted one of the major faults of scientist.

Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. See the article : Ant-Man 3: That forgotten villain responsible for the arrival of Kang the Conqueror? – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Because if the assistance of Jarvis was very useful through his research, it also favored the isolation of Tony Stark for a very long time. Desiring above all to keep his restricted circle, in particular composed of Jarvis but also of Pepper and Happy, Iron Man did not facilitate his collaboration with the other superheroes of the MCU.

Evidenced, in particular The Avengers or Avengers: Age of Ultron during which Tony Stark did not hesitate to act alone without consulting most of his team. A lack of confidence therefore linked to his past loneliness. In addition, his interactions with Jarvis revealed how tragic the story of Iron Man was, whether through a form of withdrawal or the trauma related to the death of his parents. We can also imagine that the disappearance of Jarvis at the end of Age of Ultron will have marked Tony Stark. Although he was reincarnated in the form of Vision, the android’s relationship with the superhero was never like the one he shared with Jarvis. Too bad because like Iron Man,

Vision is one of the most successful characters in the MCU !