Marvel Studios: Vision, one of the MCU & amp; apos; s most successful characters?


Seen primarily as a secondary character, Vision could actually prove to be one of the most successful characters in the MCU.

While we witnessed in Avengers: Infinity War the death of Vision , fans across the universe have (luckily) had plenty of time to find one of the MCU’s most exciting characters in the WandaVision series. The opportunity to offer the hero a new apprehension, the Disney + show having unveiled a new facet of the super-android through only three episodes. Considered in Phase 3 as secondary, the role played by Paul Bettany was above all perceived as a form of exceptional intelligence built on from Jarvis, serving more to house the Spirit Stone and further the cause of the Avengers. However, as soon as it appeared and despite the power of its powers, Vision was relegated to the background.

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the Disney + series, WandaVision even more interesting, this one having changed the face of the MCU in just three episodes. Here, the new Marvel creation offers us a broader characterization of Vision insofar as the android reveals a more human facet, more tender but also more fun which denotes the stoicism to which the character has accustomed us. This new apprehension then makes it possible to note the evolution of the latter through the adaptations of the MCU, the hero having moreover first adopted the traits of an Artificial Intelligence to finally become a father in WandaVision . A scriptwriting spring that could recall the course of Iron Man in the MCU, the leader of the Avengers, like Captain America, having benefited from a full narrative arc.

Vision dans Avengers : Infinity War.

Vision in Avengers: Infinity War. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios 2018

However, their conclusion now makes it possible to highlight other characters like Vision, the latter being now a leading hero, whose disappearance in Phase 3 may have serious consequences. Because so many fans remember the death of Iron Man or Black Widow, that of Vision should have a wider impact on Phase 4 of the MCU. Whether it is vis-à-vis the mourning of Wanda or in relation to the creation of the Multiverse, the narrative arc of the hero therefore has a particular importance in the scheme of Marvel Studios. Finally, his evolution as a superhero, the apprehension of unpublished human characters or even the preponderance of his adventures in Phases 3 and 4 associated with the unprecedented setting in the abyss of the Disney + series make of Vision one of the most successful characters if not the most original in the Marvel universe. 4322340 What also explains how Paul Bettany managed to beat this record in the MCU !

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