Marvel Studios: Was Ironheart Introduced In Captain America Civil War?


A scene from Captain America Civil War may have already introduced Iron Man's Heiress to the MCU.

The outcome of Avengers: Endgame saw Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sacrifice himself in order to save humanity from the threatening Thanos. Since then, many fans have wondered who will replace Tony Stark in the MCU, Harley Keener, Morgan Stark or even Ironheart being the potential heirs of Iron Man . If the first two were respectively introduced in Iron Man 3 and in Avengers: Endgame , Ironheart could have made her debut in the Marvel universe in Captain America: Civil War . Indeed, according to Screen Rant , the scene during which Tony Stark announced that he was going to finance the projects of several students in order to foster the next generation of geniuses may have been used to introduce the character of Riri Williams into the MCU.

Ironheart in the Marvel comics. To see also : Hunger Games: Jack Quaid (The Boys) apologizes for the unforgivable death he caused. – Credit (s): Marvel

Known for building her own version of Iron Man's armor in the comics, Ironheart might have attended Tony Stark's lecture although the film does not mention his presence in the audience.

Despite this, this technique could facilitate the inclusion of the character in the MCU, the Marvel studios having moreover been able to foresee such a spring in 768. At the time, the House of Ideas already knew that it should introduce the heir of Iron Man after his disappearance at the end of Avengers: Endgame , Civil War then serving as the beginnings of the arrival of Ironheart and his debut in the Disney Marvel series announced during the Investor Day. The challenge now for the studios will be to link Huey and Tony despite the latter's death. Unlike Peter Parker who was personally mentored by the genius of the MCU, Ironheart's bond with his predecessor involves building similar high-tech armor. The use of this spring in Captain America: Civil War will allow them to establish their connection better, and even avoid several inconsistencies!