Marvel Studios: What do we really know about HYDRA in the MCU?


More than once the Avengers have had to do everything to stop the HYDRA plans. What do we really know about this criminal organization?

The famous organization criminal called HYDRA will have caused concern to the Avengers, and would even be at the origin of the transformation of Hulk according to a theory . After being defeated thanks to Captain America during World War II, HYDRA rebounded and infiltrated key positions such as politics, science or SHIELD, and always with one goal: to govern the world. So while Red Skull found itself stranded on Vormir and forced to keep the Soul Stone, HYDRA continued to thrive and conduct experiments. They are also the ones who are behind Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, as shown Avengers: Age of Ultron . The Maximoff twins are indeed from the Miracles program.

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Red Skull was convinced that the Infinity Stones were divine weapons, and that the Tesseract and the scepter had been left by the gods. Awakening their power then became one of the number one goals of HYDRA, and especially of Strucker. Beyond wanting to use the Infinity Stones as weapons of domination, he wanted to expand his experiments to test if it was possible to improve human beings. The book Wakanda Files , which also talks about transforming Bucky Barnes into a Winter Soldier , thus reveals that he specifically chose Sokovia to carry out his experiments because the population carries genetic markers adequate. He then recruited a group of protesters which included Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. HYDRA is therefore not afraid to push the limits of what is possible if it means getting what is needed to rule the world. Today, the ranks of the organization seem more weakened than ever, but a surprise return to the

MCU is still not to be ruled out.

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