Marvel Studios: What Other Captain America Powers Did We Need To Discover?


What if the MCU hasn't told us all about Captain America's powers?

If Steve Rogers retired at the end of Avengers Endgame , one theory is that he will return thanks to this character from the X-Men . Until we know if Chris Evans will play the role of Captain America again in the MCU, let's take a look at the other powers of this member of the Avengers. As we already know, the “Vita-Rays” he received transformed him instantly into a super soldier with broad shoulders, endowed with an extraordinary strength, endurance and intelligence . However, Screen Rant reveals that Steve Rogers would benefit from other assets than the

MCU has not yet disclosed …

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It is in the comics that the American site fished this information. Indeed, it would seem that in addition to being beautiful and athletic, Captain America would be endowed with a particularly hypnotizing tone of voice. Many enemies say they did not dare to confront him for this reason, for fear of being beaten in advance when hearing him speak. If Steve Rogers' personality has not been modified by the Super Serum, it is possible that his injection played on his pheromones, body language and aura . This “gift” is perhaps not to be considered as a power strictly speaking, but his charisma is certainly more powerful than that of other superheroes! Meanwhile,

if Chris Evans' Captain America you already miss the actor, the actor will soon be found in The Gray Man on Netflix.

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