Marvel Studios: Which superheroes are the most powerful in each of the four Avengers movies?


These four Marvel superheroes are the most powerful in each of the Avengers movies!

In just a decade, studios Marvel have already reunited their superheroes in four different films! Grouped under a franchise called Avengers , these feature films saw the vigilantes successively face Loki, Ultron and Thanos (twice). And each time, one of the team members is highlighted! During their first team mission, it's Bruce Banner who steals the show. The raw power of his green alter-ego, Hulk, allows him to destroy large numbers of Chitauris and teach the God of Malice a hell of a lesson! Evidence of his extreme strength, even his colleagues find it difficult to control him. In the sequel, it is Vision, a sort of perfect combination between JARVIS and the robot Ultron, which stands out. This android, whose body was stolen by the Avengers, aims to protect humanity at all costs. price. The Spirit Stone on his forehead greatly increases his powers, and best of all, he is worthy of lifting Mjölnir!

Thor – Credit (s ): Marvel Studios See the article : Star Wars The Last Jedi: Their lightsaber duel, a first clue of the dyad between Rey and Kylo Ren?

And speaking of this magic hammer, it's its owner, the God of Thunder, who is in the foreground of 'Infinity War . In terms of show of brute force, Thor puts us in awe: he survives the explosion of the Asgardian ship, the light energy of a star and a fight singular against Thanos during the Battle of Wakanda. As for the last part of the franchise, Endgame , who sees the Avengers get their revenge against the Mad Titan, it is the occasion for Captain Marvel, who would have must have appeared much earlier in the MCU , to prove his incredible abilities. His tenacity, his courage and his power in the face of the villain are spectacular! She even takes a ball from her enemy without flinching … Carol Danvers is definitely a super-heroine to rely on. And to find out why 4268841 the invention of time travel could be destroyed by the superheroes in the sequel from Avengers Endgame , it's right here !

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