Marvel Studios: Why did Thanos spare Thor in Avengers Infinity War?


If Thor was one of the biggest threats to Thanos in Avengers Infinity War, why didn't the Mad Titan kill him?

Thor could have died under the blows of this member of the Black Order in Avengers Infinity War , but not only. Had he wanted, Thanos could have killed Thor, the Avenger best suited to annihilate his plan. With the Stormbreaker, the God of Thunder could have brought down the Mad Titan to nothing, so it makes sense to wonder why the worst villain of MCU did not kill their enemy when given the chance. In reality, we understand in Infinity War that Thanos did not consider himself an antagonist. On the contrary, he was convinced to act for the good cause, which is why he did not intend to kill all those who passed in his path. When he wanted to wipe out half of the planet's population, it was in line with his plan.

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This This does not mean that Thanos was not able to kill Thor, nonetheless everyone he killed had to die to carry out his plan. Otherwise, he would have sought to wipe out every member of the Avengers. For example, the Mad Titan never bent over backwards to kill Iron Man, while he was the sponsor of the Avengers. Thanos didn't consider himself a villain, so he had no reason to destroy the super hero. Of course, when they started to take it out on him personally, that changed. Now that Thanos is dead, superheroes may fear that

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