Marvel Studios: Why didn't Iron Man bequeath his title to War Machine?


An act that could have echoed Captain America's gesture towards the Falcon at the end of Avengers Endgame.

The End of Avengers: Endgame left its mark on many fans after Steve Rogers bequeathed his title and shield to Sam Wilson. A symbolic moment that however makes us wonder why Tony Stark did not do the same with War Machine before his death. Because if the future of the MCU is always defined by Iron Man and Captain America , it would not have been surprising if the character played by

Robert Downey Jr. bequeaths his armor and name to that played by Don Cheadle. Nevertheless, several reasons could explain this choice on Tony Stark's part, starting with the duality between him and his super-heroic alter-ego.
Iron Man and War Machine. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

In Indeed, where Captain America and Spider-Man see in their capacity as superheroes a privilege, Iron Man is more a reflection of the redemption of Tony Stark. What started as a way to atone for being a former arms dealer eventually turned into a curse , especially since the Battle of New York. From there, Tony likened Iron Man to a sort of sinister obsession. Being Iron Man was ultimately not a gift but a burden he never wanted to pass on to his best friend. Additionally, the switch from armor to War Machine didn't feel as necessary as what the shield represented for The Falcon, with Captain America being more of an idea rather than one and only one person. In contrast, only Tony Stark was capable of being Iron Man. Therefore, it was not mandatory that the latter surrender his title to Rhodey, especially since

War Machine could very well have the right to its own Disney series with Armor Wars, the spin-off series having been announced during Investor Day by Marvel Studios.

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