Marvel Studios: will Namor be the origin of Civil War 2 in the MCU?


A theory that could favor the arrival of Namor in the MCU!

Teased in Avengers: Endgame , Namor will make his MCU debut very soon. In any case, this is what certain theories would like about Black Panther 2 , several fans seeing the Prince of the Seas as the next enemy of Wakanda . However, new speculations relayed by Screen Rant also mentioned his role in a possible Civil War 2 . Without the film being an intrinsic adaptation of the comics, the project could indeed use the same springs as the previous feature film, in particular opposing the kingdom of Namor, Atlantis, to the rest of the world. Indeed, if this underwater space were to become known to the rest of the population, how long would it take for several external forces to set their sights on these new aquatic frontiers? ?

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For its part, Atlantis and its leader may not look favorably on this notoriety, the city and its people being particularly protective of their territory. Practicing an isolationist policy, like Wakanda in the past, Namor could then oppose the terrestrial world, especially if the latter were to threaten its power. The Prince of the Seas is also known for his duality and his violence, it would not be surprising if the latter responded to the attacks of the armed forces and the UN, Black Panther , the Scarlet Witch or Shang-Chi can however take up the cause for Atlantis. Facing them, could then stand the Avengers who participated in the Sokovia Accords and thus obey the Nations of the world, like War Machine and Spider-Man. As for Bucky, the Falcon, Captain Marvel or Ant-Man, the latter would serve more as mediators in the MCU . If this were to be the case, let's hope all the same that the Avengers will be able to ally face a common cause, like what the arrival of Thanos on Earth produced, at the risk of having to face separately an even more powerful witch than Doctor Strange in Avengers 5 .

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