Marvel Studios: Will this famous enemy of Doctor Strange be the antagonist of Avengers 5?


A demonic entity could become the great enemy of Avengers 5 after martyring most of our Avengers in Phase 4 of the MCU!

While Phase 4 will start in January 2020 with the dissemination of WandaVision , The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as well as Loki should also set the tone, the series Disney being able in particular to introduce what will represent in the years to come, the future threat of the MCU. We especially want to talk about Mephisto, the flagship enemy of Doctor Strange, the rumor wanting that the next creations MCUs expected on the platform present us the antagonist of Avengers 5 . Several clues prove it. 'elsewhere, starting with the stained glass window seen in the unveiled trailer of Loki, that you can discover below, the saint represented looking strangely like the famous demonic entity from Marvel comics.

The stained glass window representing Mephisto in Loki. – Credit (s): Disney

Regarding The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , several set photos showed men wearing leather jackets black with the face of a red demon. Beside that, fans have made several assumptions that the villain responsible for the alternate reality the Scarlet Witch lives in in WandaVision is none other than Mephisto. The heroine embodied by Elizabeth Olsen could also have concluded an agreement with the demon in order to alter her memory. Thanks to these clues, everything leads to believe that Mephisto could eventually become the big bad of the MCU. If this choice could turn out to be particularly interesting, other rumors would also want this demon to be the next antagonist of

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