Marvel Studios: Will this famous enemy of the X-Men be the next Avengers 5 antagonist?


A flagship antagonist in the X-Men universe could become the next enemy of the Avengers in the MCU.

While a famous enemy of Doctor Strange could become the antagonist of Avengers 5 , news speculations relayed by Inverse would like the place to actually go to an opponent of the X-Men. Of course we want to talk about Mister Sinister. First introduced in the comics Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 # 213, Nathaniel Essex, his real name, was obsessed with the evolution and development of humans through their full genetic potential. A theory that few scientists finally shared with the researcher and which after the death of his son became an obsession. At the end of this drama, Essex carried out several experiments before joining forces with Apocalypse. Considered as the first mutant, this The latter subsequently transformed Nathaniel, endowing him with extraordinary abilities and making him immortal.

Mister Sinister. – Credit (s): Marvel Comics Read also : Aquaman 2: a secret society to be introduced in the film soon?

If the original story of Mister Sinister is particularly tied to the history of the X-Men in the original comics, a crossover with the Avengers could finally bring it to the fore. In 2012, the comics Avengers vs X-Men saw the arrival of the Phoenix Force, a powerful cosmic entity that ultimately pitted the two superhero factions against each other. While the X-Men believe the presence of the Phoenix Force is good for the mutants, the Avengers believe it will only lead to the destruction of Earth. Throughout this great battle, Mister Sinister plots to steal the powers of the Phoenix Force and employs clones of the X-Men for this purpose. Although it plays a secondary role here compared to the main plot, Avengers 5 could draw inspiration from the story of this crossover and replace the Phoenix Force with Mister Sinister himself.

Le crossover Avengers vs. X-Men.

The Avengers vs. X-Men. – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

This could bring a breath of fresh air in cinematographic terms as the Fox has repeatedly focused on telling the story of the Phoenix Force. It's also possible that Mister Sinister could be introduced to a Phase 4 post-credits scene by taking DNA samples from Avengers. Perhaps instead of letting the latter fight the X-Men, the two superhero teams could join forces to fight Mister Sinister before he builds a army made up of superhuman beings. Finally, his presence in the MCU would solve this mystery about the X-Men universe, Deadpool 3 can also serve as an introduction to the famous enemy of mutants.

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