Matrix 4: Neo (Keanu Reeves) destined to become the real Chosen One from the next movie?


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According to a disturbing theory, Neo would not truly become the Chosen One until Matrix 4.

While Matrix 4 is expected in theaters next winter, many are the fans wondering about the plot of the film. Whether the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in front of Lana Wachowski's camera , the arrival of new characters or their future adventures, the story of this fourth part is carefully kept secret. However, this does not prevent lovers of the universe created by the Wachowski sisters to foment several theories, in particular about the return of Neo in the saga . Given the outcome of Matrix Revolutions , the comeback of the famous character questions indeed many people, so much so that they come to imagine that Neo could finally become the Chosen One only from Matrix 4 . A strange observation since the previous films have established the special status of the hero but which could actually refer to a scene during which the Oracle admits to the character of Keanu Reeves that he is not the real Chosen One.

Neo facing the Oracle in the Matrix saga. This may interest you : Ava 2 on Netflix: 3 things we'd love to see in the potential sequel with Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty). – Credit (s): Warner Bros

During this sequence, the Oracle does not categorically state that Neo is not special, however She confides in him that his path to fulfilling this role is thwarted by the fact that he is waiting for something, which implies that he is not yet ready to take on this responsibility. On many occasions the characters of the trilogy Matrix admitted the veracity of the prophecy not without, however, expressing certain reservations about the quality of Neo to be able to accomplish it. The latter is also the first to doubt his abilities. If the character seems to have found some form of power and self-confidence as a result of Matrix Revolutions , it is likely that he will only truly become the Chosen One during the fourth part, which will shake up the codes established by previous feature films. This turnaround would ultimately make it possible to deepen the issue of the Nominee in Lana Wachowski's project while offering a new understanding of Neo while

Another theory is that Keanu Reeves plays one of the previous Chosen Ones of the Matrix. Answer on 18 December 768 next!

Matrix 4

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