Matrix 4: What could be the role of Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) in the sequel?


We can talk about the Chosen One but we must not forget the reckless Trinity!

The fourth installment of Matrix will see the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie- Anne Moss as Neo and Trinity respectively . If this information had enough to arouse the curiosity of many fans, they wonder especially what will be the role of the Chosen One in this sequel given the outcome of the previous part. Will he be an agent of the Matrix? Will Keanu Reeves play a new Chosen One? Will Neo be back thanks to time travel? So many questions that we can't wait to get answers as Trinity's return appears just as mysterious. Indeed, the Since the plot of the film directed by Lana Wachowski has been carefully kept secret, it is not known what role Neo's lover will play precisely.

Trinity and Neo in Matrix. See the article : Avengers Infinity War: If this member of the Black Order had shown up, the Avengers would have lost for good. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Given the importance of time travel teased by the teams , it would not be surprising if Carrie-Anne Moss embodies a new version of Trinity from the past, however similar to the one depicted in the first parts. This choice of script would keep a real link with previous feature films, especially since Laurence Fishburne's Morpheus will be absent and Keanu Reeves seems to embody a new version of Neo. In this context, Trinity would come across as the strongest character in the franchise. However, this one is also particularly tied to fate. of the Chosen One since the first films, which is why it would not be surprising that at the end of Matrix Revolutions , Trinity experienced the same get out of Neo and now act on behalf of the Matrix.

Carrie-Anne Moss in Trinity's skin. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Thus, it would not be surprising that the couple are henceforth the new Smiths, this unprecedented apprehension being able to provide an interesting contrast vis-à-vis their previous characterization. However, it is hard to imagine Carrie-Anne Moss in the skin of a future antagonist, so much so that another possibility would be that the character is again a major ally of the resistance against Matrix and tries to save Neo, imprisoned since his sacrifice in the system. If this could certainly recall the beginnings of the franchise, it is also possible that Trinity will become the newly elected. While it might sound amazing, time travel might have turned things around and made Trinity, and not Neo, the chosen one.

Finally, Matrix 4 could be based on rescue of Trinity by a new team led by Neo, in order to recover his body and reboot it. That being said, it is hard to imagine Trinity serving as a simple damsel in distress given the character's apprehension in the saga. Presented as a strong and formidable heroine, it is more likely that Lana Wachowski offered her actress a major role, matching the characterization that Carrie-Anne Moss had benefited from almost years. If unfortunately it will be necessary to wait until 20 December 768 to find out what exactly Trinity's involvement will be in Matrix 4 , there is no doubt that the film should in any case offer a role at the height of the talent of its interpreter. Something to take your eyes off once again!

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