Matrix 4: Will Neo (Keanu Reeves) play one of the previous Chosen Ones of the Matrix?


Neo will be back in Matrix 4. Finally, with one detail since it could not really be the Chosen One we know!

Matrix 4 is eagerly awaited by fans of the universe created by the Wachowski sisters in 1999. Whether it's the return of the original cast or the various clues teased about the plot, the fourth feature film in the franchise indeed promises to shake up several elements and more particularly the apprehension of several characters. This is particularly the case with Neo, whose first theory would be that he would become the next Agent Smith . However, new speculation could also indicate that Keanu Reeves could slip into the shoes of one of the Chosen ones who preceded Neo in the Matrix.

Keanu Reeves as Neo in the Matrix saga. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

An idea that does not appear surprising since the Architect revealed that Neo was not actually the first Chosen One, but more precisely the sixth since the simulation had started . See the article : The Good Doctor season 4: episode 9, Shaun kisses another woman in the promo video. However, if the previous versions chose to restart the cycle by promoting the destruction of Zion, it was different for Neo, the latter having finally let himself be absorbed by Smith. A sacrifice which symbolized the death of the Chosen One who could however be reincarnated in the skin of a designated elder. The appearance of the Five Chosen having never been teased, it is possible that

Keanu Reeves interprets one of them, the latter being able to have a common physique. Moreover, this would at the same time explain an older physique for the American actor in Matrix 4.

Neo in Matrix Revolutions. – Credit (s): Warner Bros France

Plus, these historical figures didn't sacrifice themselves like Neo did. Instead, they released their code to restart a new Matrix and, therefore, could hypothetically be restored from the archives. If the world has need a hero in Matrix 4 and that the Neo we know is actually dead to answer the call, an older “lookalike” could be the best alternative. A storyline that could be fascinating to discover and offer us new information on the past of the Matrix. Besides, this version of Neo could also explain why many rumors want the character to be the next antagonist. Indeed, a former Chosen One could be back in order to harm humanity and target Zion again, offering a new understanding of the character. If it will be necessary to wait until December 2021 to know if this theory is true, no doubt in any case that Matrix 4 promises to overturn the codes established in previous films. 4291573 The opportunity to witness a revolutionary work capable certainly of impacting the cinema as much as the first part!

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