Men In Black: That Amazing Star Wars Reference Everyone Missed


Only true Star Wars fans have most likely already spotted this easter egg in Men In Black!

The events of the franchise Star Wars may take place “ long ago, in a galaxy far, far away “, this does not prevent some specimens from having landed on our planet Earth. In any case, this is what this amazing easter egg suggests on Star Wars spotted in the movie Men In Black . Indeed, after this obvious reference to Game of Thrones that everyone missed in the Netflix series The Lady's Game , it's the turn of the cult film with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to reveal his most surprising secret. And for good reason, according to the site Looper, a scene present in the opus released in 100 would present extraterrestrials already seen in the saga of George Luca s.

The sequence in question occurs when Agent J – alias Jay (Will Smith) – is offered a position by the Agent K, after passing his recruitment tests at headquarters. When signing the papers, Agent K – alias Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) – goes to get a coffee in the break room and takes the opportunity to chat with the “Worm Guys”, very talkative giant worms who smoke cigarettes and tell each other the latest gossip with sarcasm. While Agent J looks at them stunned, Kay for his part engages in conversation in an unknown language that will be familiar to any good self-respecting Starwarsian fan. And for good reason, the “Worm Guys” speak the Huttesse, a language made famous in the galaxy of George Lucas thanks to Crime Lord Jabba the Hutt . A funny wink and just as surprising as

this detail of Star Wars that all fans of the prelogy missed according to George Lucas .