Midnight in the Universe on Netflix: All those questions left unanswered by George Clooney's movie


Directed by George Clooney, the sci-fi movie Midnight Into the Universe asked more questions than it answered.

George Clooney once again wore the director's cap for the movie Midnight in the universe , currently available on Netflix . After the Earth becomes uninhabitable, scientist Augustin Lofthouse (George Clooney) tries by all means to contact the astronauts of the Aether mission to advise them to turn around. If the plot of the film is both touching and intriguing, we are a bit unsatisfied when the final credits appear. In fact, Midnight in the universe raises many questions, but does not necessarily give the answers.

Augustin and the young Iris in Midnight in the Universe – Credit (s): Netflix This may interest you : The Lord of the Rings: Prophecy, the origin of their powers … all those things you don't know about the Nazgul.
  • What is the nature of the famous event responsible for conditions on Earth?

During the very first contact with the Aether, Augustine tells Sully what happened on Earth. Except that it is as impossible for the astronaut as for the spectators to hear what the scientist is explaining. The nature and origins of this great event that led to an uninhabitable Earth are ultimately never given or suggested.

Augustine in Midnight in the universe – Credit (s): Netflix
  • Was Augustine waiting for Iris to return?

At the end of the film, we learn that the astronaut with whom Augustine communicates is none other than his daughter, Iris. Knowing that the scientist stayed at the station of his own free will and really did everything to contact the Aether , one can wonder if he especially did not try to save his daughter.

Augustin et la jeune Iris dans Minuit dans l'univers

Sully and Ade in Midnight in the Universe – Credit (s): Netflix

  • What happened to the other exploration ships?

The Aether is far from the only vessel whose mission was to find a new El Dorado for humanity. However, only the latter seems to have managed. The other missions are never mentioned and we do not know either what led to their completion, or if any survivors are still present.

Sully dans Minuit dans l'univers

Sully in Midnight in the Universe – Credit (s): Netflix
  • Why didn't anyone except Augustine try to contact the Aether?

    Augustine does indeed seem to be the only one really interested in the exploration missions in progress, and more particularly in the Aether. However, given the living conditions on Earth, logic would have someone think of warning the astronauts. At least to give them a chance to survive.

    Augustin dans Minuit dans l'univers

    Augustin in Midnight in the Universe – Credit (s): Netflix
    • Why does everyone stay on Earth?

    Thanks to the various flashbacks, we quickly understand that looking for a new habitable planet was a project that started long before the famous cataclysm. Yet when living conditions deteriorate, everyone seems resigned to staying on Earth, rather than attempting to escape to a new destination. Even if it means perishing, as much as it is done by trying to find a new shelter. Midnight in the Universe is not however the only film to give rise to so many questions, it is also the case of Back to the future , about which we ask ourselves again and again questions .

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