Mira, the girl on the train on Netflix: an Indian remake that struggles to convince us, our review


Netflix has just unveiled a new adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ novel, The Girl on the Train. What is the Indian remake titled Mira, the train girl worth? Our review.

Netflix has just unveiled its release schedule for the month of March , and the thriller series will be on honor! Before discovering them in the catalog, the streaming platform offers you an Indian remake of The Girl on the Train – a novel by Paula Hawkins, already adapted for the screen by Tate Taylor in 2016 – titled Mira, the train girl . If this film takes up almost all the original elements of the plot, it differs on a few points. So what is Mira, the train girl talking about? As in the book, we will follow a young recently divorced woman who makes the same train journey every day. Mira always sits in the same place and looks out the window at a married couple who make her dream. The lawyer will gradually become obsessed with their story, to the point of following them and interfering in the darkest details of their lives. One day, Nusrat, the woman observed by Mira is reported missing, and the lawyer, recently become an alcoholic, is mysteriously involved in this case. What happened ? Mira, the train girl on Netflix is worth- he peek?

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As in any self-respecting Bollywood production, the music Indian is omnipresent in Mira, the train girl . If the pieces are not badly chosen, they denote a little with the dark and dramatic universe of the thriller. If you’ve already read Paula Hawkins’ book, you might be disappointed with the Indian adaptation of The Girl on the Train . The plot takes a long time to start (the film lasts more than 2 hours) and it is difficult to get attached to the characters. Finally, what remains the most appreciable in Mira, the girl of the train , it is its final denouement. The cliffhanger is surprising, well thought out and does not come like a hair fallen in the soup.

Mira, the girl on the train – Credit (s): Netflix

To conclude, Mira the train girl will make you have a good time of entertainment but do not expect twists and suspense in each sequence . If you are patient, we advise you to wait for the conclusion of the film (which is worth a look) at the risk of getting bored while watching. The Bollywood side of this thriller struggles to convince us, but we cannot consider Mira, the girl on the train as a failed film. . The thriller 4362089 Mon Amie Adèle on Netflix will give you all the suspense you are looking for, although the end of the series leaves us with a few unanswered questions.

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