Mom, I missed the plane, Love Actually, The Grinch … Which Christmas movie is right for you?


Having trouble choosing a Christmas movie to watch among all those offered? We would tell you to watch them all, but if you really insist on taking just one, take our test and we'll tell you which one suits you best!

1. First off, what's your state of mind a few days before the holidays?


You just want to curl up under a blanket with a nice hot drink. Read also : Virgin River renewed for season 3 by Netflix, an actress from The Flash joins the cast.


You can't take this year anymore and you clearly need to get away!


You're depressed and you want to kill all those super excited Christmas people.


You admit it, you can't wait to take it easy with your parents …


You are not completely desperate but you are secretly hoping for a Christmas miracle!


You are excited as jaja and you are waiting for 24 December with IMPATIENCE!

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