Mom, I missed the plane: This detail from the film allows us to understand how Kevin's parents could have forgotten about him



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Mom, I Missed the Plane is one of the must-see Christmas movies, but 30 years after its release, a question remains : how could Kevin's parents forget him? We have the answer.

If Mom, I missed the plane (Home Alone) is one of the classics, it contains many clichés like other Christmas movies . More than 30 years after its release, we still take as much pleasure in watching it, the face of Kevin McCallister ( Macaulay Culkin ) being really adorable. However, even after several viewings, one question remains unanswered: how could Kevin's parents forget their son and fly without him? It is certain that the departure for France was done in haste, but it remains aberrant to see that they could not have seen that one of their children was missing. Actually, a fan with a wise eye has found the explanation!

Remember, before leaving, the whole small family had dinner in the kitchen. And as Kevin and his brother argued over a pizza, he dropped a bottle of milk on the table. The liquid therefore spilled over everything on it, including the passports and tickets of the whole family. In a rush, everyone cleaned the table, then Kevin's dad accidentally threw away the card boarding his young son in the trash with wet towels, as shown in this photo

. So when the hostess checked the tickets before bringing the McCallister family in, she didn't notice any anomaly: there were the right number of tickets for the right number of passengers. As an added bonus, the parents were in 1st class while the kids were in economy class, so it took half of the flight for Kevin's mom to realize something was wrong! A very important detail that certainly not everyone had noticed. Discover 10 other stuff to know about the cult movie Mom, I missed the plane.

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