Mom I missed the plane turns 30, 10 things you didn't know about the cult movie


The cult film Mum, I missed the plane! celebrates its 30 this week. For the occasion, here are some filming anecdotes to know!

Among the films that we love to rewatch during the holiday season, there is of course the classic Mum, I missed the plane!, which will also have the right to a remake . We never tire of seeing Kevin McCallister craft a whole bunch of ingenious and evil traps to protect his house from the burglars Harry and Marv, and seeing the latter being persecuted by the little boy. Funny, enjoyable, intelligent, but also very moving and touching, this American comedy is a little nugget that balances the heart and which does not age despite the years that pass . Mom, I missed the plane! still celebrates 30 years. Since its release, we must have watched it a good twenty times. And yet, we still have a lot of things to learn about this cult film and here is fun facts that made us hallucinate!

1. It was a real tarantula

Kevin actually see some All colors to the burglars played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, but the worst part is when Kevin puts his brother Buzz's companion spider on Marv's face in order to distract him long enough to escape. This may interest you : This Is Us season 5: Rendall meets his new therapist in the promo photos … is it his mother? But did you know that the tarantula used in this scene was a real one? Daniel Stern agreed to let a live spider wander over his face, provided the scene was only shot once . On the other hand, the cry that it gives was doubled later, so as not to frighten the tarantula.

2. Joe Pesci bit Macaulay Culkin

When burglars succeed in grabbing Kevin and hanging him on a coat rack, Joe Pesci's character Harry threatens to bite his fingers. Well, imagine that while filming this scene, Joe Pesci really bit one of Macaulay Culkin's fingers, even though it wasn't on purpose. See the article : Godzilla vs. Kong: The central role of Millie Bobby Brown and Eiza González, the goal of Apex with Mechagodzilla … New info unveiled on the film. During an interview with Rule Forty Two in 2004, the actor confided this anecdote while specifying that he had kept a scar.

3. A scene at the heart of a blackmail

According to the site Read also : Die Can Wait: Daniel Craig does his own stunts in James Bond, the proof with these filming injuries. Mental Floss , before Joe Pesci was chosen to play the bandit Harry Lyme , the role was offered to another popular movie star :

Robert De Niro , his colleague in the films of Martin Scorsese. And after Robert De Niro turned down the role, he was offered to yet another actor: Saturday Night Live's Jon Lovitz. Joe Pesci only came in third place and today, it's hard to imagine anyone else in the character.

4. Donald Trump Blackmailed To Make A Cameo

You you might not remember it, but Donald Trump makes a little appearance in Mom I missed the plane! , in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel, New York. But in reality, this cameo was not really planned originally. Let's say the director, Chris Columbus, didn't really have a choice. The hotel belonged to Donald Trump and the billionaire was willing to let him run in on one condition: that he appeared there . This is called good Donald Trump blackmail.

5. Elvis Presley in the film cast?

Although Mom, I missed the plane! released in theaters 13 years after Elvis Presley's death, watching the film, some King fans are sure they saw The latter make an appearance during the scene in which Kevin's mother, Kate, argues with a ticket agent at Scranton Airport. Behind her, we can see a bearded man wearing a sports coat and a turtleneck that looks suspiciously like Elvis . In fact, it was actor Gary Grott, who has already appeared in several Chris Columbus films.

6. The movie on TV does not exist

In Mom, I missed the plane! one of the most memorable scenes is when Kevin watches a black and white film and uses it to scare off burglars , using the sounds of machine guns and the menacing voices of the characters. But don't try to find this movie somewhere, because it doesn't exist! Neither did the one in the second Mom, I missed the plane! They were both made up for goods movies.

7. Father Marley almost wasn't in the movie

Remember the old man who is creepy at first, and whom all the kids in the neighborhood believe murdered his family, but who actually turns out to be super nice and touching? Well, imagine that the McCallister neighbor played by Roberts Blossom was not originally in the script. Screenwriter John Hughes added the character, whose name is a nod to the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens , after Chris Columbus suggested the story might have more heart.

8. A record of 27 years

When it was released in 1990,

Mom, I missed the plane !, which was massacred by the critics , yet took the box office by storm during the holiday season and he stayed in the lead throughout the first semester of the following year, retaining its first place for 10 weeks and remaining in the top until June 1991. He won 285 millions of dollars and became the highest grossing film of 1990 as well as the Highest-grossing national action comedy of all time . The film kept this world record until 2015, i.e. 27 years after its release, before being beaten by the Chinese blockbuster Never Say Die .

9. The McCallisters' house is worth $ 1.5 million

The red-brick Georgian-style house that director Chris Columbus used to be the McCallisters' home, in which Kevin is left alone and multiplies the traps to protect her from burglars, was sold for $ 1. See the article : Marvel Studios: Will this famous enemy of Doctor Strange be the antagonist of Avengers 5?5 million in 2015, according to the Chicago Tribune . However, its owners were clearly expecting more for the iconic property, with its initial listing price being $ 2.4 million .

But after more than a year in the market, they had no other choice to go down.

10. Buzz's girlfriend is male

We know the identity of Buzz's horrible girlfriend, Kevin's brother. To see also : Mom, I missed the plane, Love Actually, The Grinch … Which Christmas movie is right for you? And she's not a woman at all! In fact, he is the son of the film's artistic director. Director Chris Columbus didn't want to use the photo of a real baby girl for fear of forever traumatizing her about her physique. That's So a boy disguised as a girl who plays Buzz's girlfriend and we therefore understand Kevin's expression of disgust!

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