Mon Amie Adèle on Netflix: These questions we still ask ourselves about the thriller


Upon its release, the Mon Amie Adèle series caused a sensation on Netflix. If the platform can renew it for a second season, here are the questions that we still ask ourselves about the thriller.

Mon Amie Adèle has all the makings of a good thriller: suspense, twists and interesting characters. This series inspired by the book Behind Her Eyes however spared us some scenes of nameless violence, like the one concerning the cat by Marianne that you will fortunately never see ! If for now, Netflix has not spoken about the renewal of this thriller, it is important to take stock of the unanswered questions at the end of Mon Amie Adèle . Hoping that if the platform orders new episodes, they will answer all these questions left unanswered.

How will Adam find out that Louise is not his mother?

Louise and Adam in Mon Amie Adèle – Credit (s): Netflix

Warning, spoilers start here! At the end of Mon Amie Adèle , Robert, currently in the body of his ex-friend Adèle, infiltrates Louise’s body envelope. Thus, the latter will be able to continue to live his beautiful idyll with David, deeply in love with Louise and no longer with Adèle. He therefore kills Louise, whose soul is in Adele’s body, whom he has just stung with ultra powerful drugs leading her to overdose. The problem for the villainous Rob is that he will now have to adopt Louise’s attitude (now that he’s in her body), but also make his son Adam not realize anything. It is however badly started, the little boy already starting to find the attitude of his “mother” strange … We suspect that he will quickly realize that the Louise who is in front of him is not his mother, gentle and caring in normal times. In the books, Rob tries to kill Adam, but we strongly hope that Netflix will not do this to us if the platform renews the series!

Was the burning of Adele’s house criminal?

What one still wonders at the end of this thriller is if Adele’s house burned down by accident or if David (or someone else) could be responsible for it. On the same subject : The Walking Dead season 10: why the relationship between Daryl and SPOILER could ruin a big asset of the series. This idea has been mentioned several times throughout the story, but especially by Rob who was very jealous to see that his friend Adele was head over heels in love with David. He supposed that the latter wanted to kill the family of his beloved to be able to inherit all the money from Adele with whom he was going to marry. If this hypothesis is not necessarily to be ruled out, one can also imagine that Rob is responsible for the fire, or that the fire occurred by pure chance or by accident. After all, it is somewhat the common thread of the story: when Louise dies in Adèle’s body, it is still in the middle of a fire …

Will David one day learn the truth about Rob, infiltrated in the body of Adèle then Louise?

Robert dans Mon Amie Adèle

Robert in Mon Amie Adèle – Credit (s): Netflix This may interest you : Fast and Furious, Hobbs & amp; Shaw 2: A sequel linked to the last films worn by Vin Diesel?

This question burns our lips: when will David finally find out the whole truth about this masquerade? If he saw that his wife Adèle had totally changed over the years (normal seen that it was inhabited by Robert), David held on and took it upon himself to endure his mood swings. Did he know nothing about Adele’s gift? We suspect that as soon as he sees that his girlfriend Louise begins to have the same tocs as his ex-wife, he will seriously ask himself questions. Maybe Adam will help David alert his “stepfather” to the totally weird attitude of his new “mom.”

The soul of Was Louise able to take refuge in another body?

It is still the hope that we have at the end of Mon Amie Adèle : we still hope that Louise has had time to s ‘infiltrate another person’s body. Difficult to consider this option given that Adele’s body was drugged – complicated to get out of it – but it would be a shame if season 2 of the series came out without one of the main characters. In the same way, we can imagine that she can recover Robert’s envelope … To see how the next episodes of Mon Amie Adèle will unfold, but we hope that Louise will find a solution to come back alive one way or another! In the meantime, 4361878 discover the 3 intrigues that the we would like to see in the sequel of Mon Amie Adèle.

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