Morbius: One of the most anticipated films of 2021?


Morbius may well be connected to the universe of Spider-Man, some fans of the genre have as if they forgot his existence.

Many are the films that were to be released in 2020 and that we really hope to see in 2021 . Among them there are Morbius , a blockbuster belonging to the Spider-Man universe launched by Sony Pictures studios. For several media including Variety

, the feature-length film adapted from Marvel comics is also among the most anticipated films of 2021. On the same subject : Marvel Studios: will phase 4 be the crossover phase? A title with which fans of the genre and cinephiles seem far from agreeing, some testify comments shared on Twitter. We can read “nobody asked for this movie to be made”

, “nobody cares” , “I have never heard of this film”

, or tweets remitting involved the casting of Jared Leto in the title role.

The vampire Morbius played by Jared Leto – Credit (s): Sony

This is not the first time that Sony Pictures' strategy has been questioned. The studios have indeed made the bet to extend the universe of Spider-Man, but by focusing on sometimes unknown characters. Added to this is the fact that Venom

failed to fully convince the public and critics, even though its success was sufficient for one Venom 2 can exist . Let's hope that Morbius , whose release is scheduled for 19 March 2021, will create the surprise. Another character from the spider-man universe should soon appear on our screens. This is the heroine Spider-Woman, whose adventures at Sony Pictures could be directed by Olivia Wilde .

Credits: Variety, Twitter

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