More beautiful life: A death in the next bonus event, discover his identity (SPOILERS)


More beautiful life

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Plus belle la vie : Un mort dans le prochain prime évènement, découvrez son identité (SPOILERS) Plus belle la vie : Un mort dans le prochain prime évènement, découvrez son identité (SPOILERS)

Find out who will die in the next Plus belle la vie bonus event.

This week in More beautiful life, Luna will find Pavel and will be lost in the middle of her feelings for Bertrand . We will actually see scenes more often in the heart of the Baumettes prison, to start installing the next bonus event which will be broadcast on 05 next December at 19 h on France 3 . Mila, Luna and Claire will prepare the spectacular escape of Mouss, and this one will be followed by doctor Livia, Pavel but also Stan. The four prisoners will do everything to try to escape from the prison … However, the summaries of the next episodes tease a failure of this impressive escape plan and we will even witness a death in the prime event

, or in the episodes that will follow it.

Stan goes soon to die – Credit (s): france 3

As revealed Star Actu , Mouss's escape plan will fail in More beautiful life when Pavel goes to surrender counts that Luna is in a relationship with Bertrand and that he will not be able to get back with her … He will then betray Mouss and prevent him from escaping. Precisely, the event will turn into a total fiasco and Stan will happen kill in the court of the failed escape! The boyfriend of Sabrina will indeed soon lose her life in the series of France 3 . But difficult to have precise information on this event for the moment. However, we know that this escape attempt will make a lot of noise within the police, and the true face of Commissioner Mazelle, who had Mouss imprisoned wrong, may finally fall with this story! While waiting to learn more,

discover the trailer for the next premium event of Plus belle la vie.

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