More beautiful life: After Samia's departure, will Jean-Paul and Léa form a couple?


More beautiful life

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Plus belle la vie : Après le départ de Samia, Jean-Paul et Léa vont-ils se mettre en couple ? Plus belle la vie : Après le départ de Samia, Jean-Paul et Léa vont-ils se mettre en couple ?

Will Jean-Paul and Léa end up forming a real couple in Plus belle la vie after Samia's departure?

That's it.. . Samia (Fabienne Carat) will officially leave Plus belle la vie at the end of the week , the actress having decided to sail to new horizons after many years in the series of France 3 . Lucie and Jean-Paul will therefore feel a little alone in the next episodes, and without a doubt, Samia's departure will leave a big void in the Mistral district. However, many people wonder if the policeman will really form a couple with Leah, now that he has confessed to having feelings for her when it comes to marrying Irina! If a priori, the young woman does not seem to feel the same with regard to Jean-Paul, can we still expect a turnaround in the days to come?

In the next episodes of More beautiful life , Léa will swear to whoever wants to hear it that she does not feel love feelings towards Jean-Paul, she who is simply attracted to women. However, we are not going to lie to each other, since the collapse of the gymnasium a year and a half ago, their relationship is still quite ambiguous … Will the writers then make the choice to offer a new sentimental relationship to Jean-Paul and Léa? To the editor of melty , we are not so sure. In our opinion, their relationship is essentially based on a solid friendship, and it's hard to believe that Léa will be ready to live a calm relationship with Jean-Paul , both having totally different lifestyles. But we are never safe from a surprise! In the meantime,

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