More beautiful life: Jean-Paul and Léa soon as a couple? We have the answer (SPOILERS)


More beautiful life

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Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul et Léa bientôt en couple ? On a la réponse (SPOILERS) Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul et Léa bientôt en couple ? On a la réponse (SPOILERS)

We finally know if Jean-Paul and Léa are going to be a couple in the sequel to Plus belle la vie.

This week in More beautiful life, Lucie will find her father while Jacob will die ! The intrigue around Camille and her captor should therefore finally end in the next episodes of the series of France 3 . We can then expect a little lighter stories in the Mistral district … Starting with a little love, maybe ?! The relationship between Léa and Jean-Paul has been ambiguous for a while now , especially when the police officer refused to marry Irina on 31 last December, pronouncing Lea’s first name instead. Since then, the two friends turn around and have had a lot to deal with, between Samia’s sudden disappearance and Lucie’s kidnapping. But there is going to be some action between them in the coming weeks!

In the next episodes of Plus belle la vie , while Jean-Paul and Léa will continue to carry out the investigation to try to find Samia, they will be victims of a car accident because the police officer’s vehicle has been sabotaged! Faced with panic, Jean-Paul will then react suddenly and kiss Leah , as explained Star Actu . The two will then spend the night together, but Patrick Nebout’s daughter-in-law will have doubts about their love affair and will first take a step back … before better coming back? If for the moment, nothing is certain, we tell ourselves that the course taken by Jean-Paul and Léa in the next episodes will finally allow them to come together, for the better. In any case, this is what seems most likely to us! In the meantime,

find out if Victoire will cheat Sacha with Romain Vidal in Plus belle la vie.

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