More beautiful life: Luna hostage, Sabrina balances Mila, Stan in critical condition … What will happen after the bounty? (SPOILERS)


Find out what awaits you in More beautiful life after the “Escapes” bounty.

You were looking forward to it, this time it's finally here! The new bonus of Plus belle la vie, “Évasions” , was broadcast this Tuesday 15 December at 21 h on France 3 . It is also time to find out what awaits you in the next daily episodes of the series … Mouss, on the run, will remain hidden in the small country house, unfortunately separated from Mila, who will have to return to the roommate ' as if nothing had happened. But Sabrina, who will learn that Stan was seriously injured and did not escape from prison, will throw the young woman to Mazelle , explaining that she has no alibi and that she is complicit in Mouss's escape. The commissioner will do everything to push Mila to the limit while in police custody, while asking Syd (who killed Monique, Claire's friend) to get rid of Mouss by murdering him.

Fortunately, the young man can count on the support of Léo, who will do everything to find the witness of Mouss's car accident and make Mazelle dive once and for all . Moreover, Xavier Revel, public prosecutor, will begin to have great doubts about the commissioner and will gradually dissociate himself from him. At the same time, in the prison, a mutiny raged and the prisoners took power over the guards, causing chaos to reign. See the article : These questions that we still ask ourselves about Titanic (and not this is not about the board). Moreover, Livia and the Libérati brothers will propose to kill Pavel, since it is he who threw the escape of Mouss whereas this one is innocent. The whole prison will therefore turn against him, but Luna, who is taken hostage among the prisoners, will take matters in hand and save Pavel's life.

As for Stan, who was seriously injured by Mouss during the escape, he will he make it out alive? Indeed, despite broken limbs and an obligation to remain bedridden, the young man will indeed survive his serious injuries . After his hospitalization, he will have to return to prison, not being able to stay with Sabrina. Finally, if the other plot of the premium of Plus belle la vie concerned Jeanne and her awakening from a coma, in the next episodes of the series of France 3 , we will not immediately see Anemone and her daughter, although they will then reappear on the screen. However, Mila, who has decided to cut ties with her biological mother for good, will officially consider Jeanne as her adoptive mother. While waiting to discover more, here is how Mazelle will end up falling into Plus belle la vie.

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