More beautiful life: Luna lost between Pavel and Bertrand, Noé trapped by Lola … What will happen next week? (SPOILERS)


More beautiful life

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Plus belle la vie : Luna perdue entre Pavel et Bertrand, Noé piégé par Lola... Que va-t-il se passer la semaine prochaine ? (SPOILERS) Plus belle la vie : Luna perdue entre Pavel et Bertrand, Noé piégé par Lola... Que va-t-il se passer la semaine prochaine ? (SPOILERS)

Here is what the next episodes of Plus belle la vie on France 3 have in store for you.

This week in More beautiful life, the character of Mila has changed interpreters for a little while … And we will have to get used to her new temporary face because we will see her a lot soon, since she is ready to do anything to get Mouss out of prison! Accompanied by Claire and Luna, she prepares a big action plan … But precisely, Mirta's daughter will be slightly lost in the middle of all this, because Pavel will get back in touch with her. However, Luna has decided to give her love affair with Bertrand a chance , and his heart will be torn between the two men . As for Mirta, she will discover a tender surprise with Yolande, organized by Jocelyn before her death. This gift will also sign the great comeback of Jimmy Moon in More beautiful life .

Next week in the Mistral district, Noé will find himself trapped by Lola, who will be ready to everything to conquer him and console him for the death of Manon … She will usurp the identity of the teenager and violate her privacy to get closer to Blanche's son. Obviously, when the truth comes out, it won't be nice to see! Finally, the respective marriages of Samia and Jean-Paul will return to the heart of the action, since Hadrien's fiancée will make a big mess that will piss off Irina and could compromise her future union with the deputy … While waiting to see this from next Monday at 19 h 20 sure France 3 , find out the broadcast date and the trailer for the next premium event of Plus belle la vie.

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More beautiful life

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