More beautiful life: Mouss's escape turns into a fiasco, Jeanne's past resurfaces … What will happen next week? (SPOILERS)


Next week promises to be very eventful in Plus belle la vie, with a new bonus event.

A few days ago, we discovered the trailer full of suspense for the next premium of Plus belle la vie , “Escapes” , which will be broadcast this Tuesday 05 December at 21 h on France 3 . Obviously, the whole next week will be turned upside down in the Mistral district, because with a special evening in addition to the daily episodes, the action will increase tenfold! The escape of Mouss will unfortunately turn into a total fiasco, since a mutiny will break out in the Baumettes prison , and we do not not know if the young man will manage to get out from behind bars. As for Stan, he will be seriously injured and end up in the hospital between life and death. And if the plan messed up, it's because of Pavel, who, jealous of the love story between Bertrand and Luna, will try everything to take revenge on her …

Next week in More beautiful life , Anémone, Francesco and Estelle will also go on a journey to try to get Jeanne out of the coma … And above all, they will discover a whole secret about her past, and on a love story that she lived out of sight. At the same time, Lola will experience a real hazing at Scotto high school, in particular by Bilal and Noé who will dare everything to make her dive … But the teenager has not said her last word! In the midst of all this commotion, Jean-Paul and Samia will start talking about babies with their respective companions, and changes are expected in their lives. While waiting to see this next Monday at 20 h 20 on France 3 , find out how Commissioner Mazelle will be unmasked and arrested in More beautiful life .

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