More beautiful life: Soon a new marriage proposal in the Mistral district (SPOILERS)


More beautiful life

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Plus belle la vie : Bientôt une nouvelle demande en mariage dans le quartier du Mistral (SPOILERS) Plus belle la vie : Bientôt une nouvelle demande en mariage dans le quartier du Mistral (SPOILERS)

We will soon see a marriage proposal in Plus belle la vie!

This week in More beautiful life, a character will commit suicide while Mouss will find himself behind bars . At the moment, we cannot say that the intrigues are the happiest within the Mistral … The series of France 3 loves to reveal full stories suspense, with unexpected twists and turns and other surprises, something to keep viewers in suspense. But fortunately, over the course of the episodes, we still have the right to more joyful scenes which allow to bring a little light in the middle of the scenarios. Precisely, we will soon see a new marriage proposal in More beautiful life ! And the proposal will be addressed to Laëtitia, Kevin's mother.

It's been a few weeks now that the Celeste housekeeper is coveted by the man of Valentin Carrier business. Crazy in love with Laëtitia, he will do everything to conquer her in the next episodes of More beautiful life. Deprived of money and ready to rough it up for her, he will go a long way. Finally, Laëtitia will realize her dedication and will give their love story a chance. And as revealed by Star Actu , Valentin will end up asking Kevin's mother to marry him! Surprise, she will have a hard time giving him an answer, especially since Sébastien will be back since he will soon leave his wife … Ouch! What choice will she make? While waiting to see this,

find out why Mouss is the target by Commissioner Mazelle in Plus belle la vie.

More beautiful life