More beautiful life: will Samia really marry Hadrien? We finally have the answer (SPOILERS)


More beautiful life

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Plus belle la vie : Samia va-t-elle vraiment épouser Hadrien ? On a enfin la réponse (SPOILERS) Plus belle la vie : Samia va-t-elle vraiment épouser Hadrien ? On a enfin la réponse (SPOILERS)

We know if Hadrien and Samia will really get married in Plus belle la vie.

After a very eventful premium event in Plus belle la vie , there is still going to be a lot of action in the next episodes of France 3 . Will Mouss succeed in staying safe and sound on the run? Mazelle will he end up diving? And Mila, will she manage to get out of custody without any problem? In addition to this escape plot that keeps all viewers in suspense, another arch is currently taking place in the Mistral district. Hadrien and Samia and Jean-Paul and Irina are in the preparations for their respective weddings which will take place on 20 next December . But are they really going to go off without a hitch? In any case, nothing will go as planned for Samia and Hadrien's!

In the next episodes of Plus belle la vie , Samia will finally give up marrying her Companion Hadrien … As revealed by Star Actu , on her wedding day, Lucie's mother will realize that she is still in love with Jean-Paul and will plant Hadrien in front of the altar, telling him no and running away! By breaking the heart of the politician, Samia will try everything to find her ex-husband before he says yes to Irina … But not sure that she gets there in time, because some will be ready for anything to prevent Samia from going to Jean-Paul's wedding! It remains to be seen how this story will end. Meanwhile,

find out how Commissioner Mazelle will be arrested in More beautiful life.

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